Why UMF Group

With practical solution and minimum cost; the right address to get quality service

  • Our Objective
    Customer Oriented

    By providing the best and fastest solutions to our customers in the fields we are active in, we can provide you with the lowest cost; to provide the fastest and highest quality services.

  • Our Target
    Sensitive of Environment and Community

    By finding optimal and fast solutions and by ensuring that our customers have an advantage over their competitors, it is the right address to bring them to the future.

  • Our Values
    Reliable and Honest

    We focus on customer-oriented, legal and ethical values, environment and collectibility, reliability and honesty.

Our Services

Our warehouse of which project is drawn up over the Standards is at your service with caring customer satisfaction and working comfort by concerning all details for you. In or modern facility with 11 meters height of ceiling, 16 pieces of loading-unloading doors, 10 pieces hydraulic platforms and so many forklifts and equipment for comfortable and quick activities,; we are rendering service with our expert staff who have sufficient knowledge and qualifications in order to find best solutions for all your needs.

Our area of 15000 M2 which also has a container storage permit/license have a 5-years established foundation. It is free of problems in terms of security with peripheral security wall rounded with 2,5 meters of concrete and steel fences, licensed security staff, camera tracing system and comprehensive insurance.

In our closed and open area of 42.000 m2; Truck garage is being operated in the same facility. Our garage could render service to 150-200 constant vehicles and we could render services to shipping companies.

Our Company makes export to IRAN, AZERBAIJAN, KAZAKHSTAN, TURKMENISTAN, KYRGYZSTAN, UZBEKISTAN and TAJIKISTAN with its commercial experiences in a reputable, quick manner in comply with related regulations. Export Department of our Company renders service for its customers with rapidly-growing Market network, experienced staff and principle of customer satisfaction. Products, which we supply and export, are products that are produced by leader manufacturing companies from both foreign and domestic market.

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  • Tour Control Service

  • 7/24 Security Policy

  • Fire & Thief Alarm

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